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This blog is for activity in english. Is the reason for this text is in english. My first language is French. The person to speak English and French are the welcomes on my blog.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

TV Journal #5

The first part is for my answer to my oral question in tv journal #3.
1) You said that the father in your Tv program is very stupid, can you tell me why you said that?

Because he doesn't understand the difference of the good and the bad think in the sociaty.

2) What is the relation between the father, the mother and the children?

The relation between the father, the mother and the children is very bad. The mother always does all the tasks in the house. The father works and sleeps. The children are "little monster", especally the baby.

3) What is the work of fahter?

Peter works in an industrial company.

4) What is your favorite caracter?Why?

My favorite caracter is Louis, the mother, because he is only caracter with rational toughts.

The second par is the appreciation of this TV program.

The family Guy helps me to learn my English because it's easy to understand and for me this program teaches me to make my ear to English.

I recommend this program for people who have problems to understand English. This program is good to understand the base of English, to help persons to make their ear to English and it's a good Tv program because it's funny and fictive.

TV journal #4 on Family guys

In this TV journal, the topic is to talk about the episod by with the first person.

Me, Meg, the girl of peter, I win a contest for past 3 day with my idol, the journalist. For my second day, I goes on the field study. During this Neil a other people win the contest, to come with me in the helicopter on the field study. The helicopter to land and the man attack with the gun the helicopter. I'm scare and I decide to kissed Neil because I don't want to died without kissed one boy.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Second TV Journal on the Family Guy

In this episode, Peter and Chris went to a sauna. In an unexpected twist, Chris towel fell of revealing his intimates to Peter, which fored one of my favorite lines og this show."hey Chris, what's with the third leg". Peter discoverred that Chris has a bigger penis, which caused Peter to became competitive with his son. Meanwhile, Meg struggled to fit in with the cool kid. Of course, beciming a flag gilr wasn't thwe best way to do so. in the end, peter and Chris went on a hunting trip where they encourtered a bean and Chris saved the situation by doing a trick he swa on TV. This caused Peter to realise what a jerk he has been, and reconciled with Chris.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TV Journal about The Family Guy

This animated TV comedy is about the most dysfunctional family in all of Rhode Island. Peter is the father; he is probably the stupidest character to ever hit TV. The mother Lois is very patient and works hard to keep the family together.

I chose this TV program because my English is very bad and this animated TV comedy, yes is for children but for me it’s the best TV program to help me understand English.

This program is easy for certain person but for me it is not it with the fact that I have some difficulties in English. Also this TV program gathers more anecdotes and no conflicts during one season. This kind of TV program as Family Guy is thus easier.